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Now up and running again as of 18 May 2015

This course will not stop your pain.

However, by showing you various techniques, the course will help you manage your pain better and therefore improve your quality of life.

This is currently an 8 week course which requires you to attend each  Wednesday morning for 8 weeks 9.30am- 12.30pm (Ainsdale) and also two exercise classes per week currently held in Formby.

How can you be referred?

You need to speak to your GP or physiotherapist, they will ascertain if you need to be referred to the specialist Pain Team in Ainsdale. (This is also subject to your location)

Once referred, (usually within 3 months) you will be assessed and a further appointment will be posted to you for treatment according to your condition.

Should the Pain Team feel that you will benefit from the course, then you will be sent another appointment.