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Coping with Chronic Pain

Most people will have suffered pain for a short time, but imagine that pain lasting indefinitely- Welcome to the world of Chronic Pain.

You will have heard the saying “it’s only pain”  no doubt from a friend or partner. Quite often they may disbelieve the pain you are suffering because you “look ok”  There is no magic formula to cope with pain as everyone has a different outlook -but a good start would be to tell your partner/ friends how you feel- and why you feel that way. Perhaps explain why you can’t do certain tasks around the house?                  Do not “switch off” If you don’t talk and explain your problems then how can your partner/friends even begin to understand?

A few ideas to help you cope with Chronic Pain-

1      Talk to your partner/ friends about how you feel.

2      Relax

3      Take up a Hobby

4      Speak to your Doctor on a regular basis about your pain and medication.

5      Pace yourself- learn to say “no” if you are having a bad day.

6      Do not isolate yourself, try and socialise even if it’s just for 30 minutes a week!

7      Try a healthy diet.

8      Take light exercise (don’t over do it!)  

8      Keep a diary listing medications you take, your pain levels after any tasks also            include any problems you encounter. Also jot down any questions you may have         for your Doctor. Also what helps and what increases your pain.

9      Accept your pain (even if you only accept it on a day to day basis)

10    Try and sleep.

11     Do not feel guilty about your pain- remember it’s not your fault.

12     Allow yourself a short time time to cry and let your emotions out, this will often          reduce your pain.

13     There is no 13 in case you are superstitious!

14     Smile instead of grimacing and see how much more relaxed you feel!

15     Think positive, focus on what you can do now and not on what you could do             before your pain.