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Medicines for Pain

The medication that you have been prescribed is for a reason!


If you feel that your medication is not helping with your condition, it is important you contact your Doctor.


Various types of medicines are prescribed for pain management.


BUT PLEASE REMEMBER,  everyone's pain is different, so what works for you may not work for someone else.


Some medicines may take several weeks to have any effect on your pain, but if you have any bad side effects it is also imperative you contact your Doctor.


For more information about your medicines- ask your local pharmacist first, they will often be able to answer any questions.


Beware of searching web sites about your medicine side effects, as often, people that post negative effects, are the rarity other than the norm! But if you feel the need for further information-



If you can’t find it there, Google search it.

Dr. Chris Barker has kindly put together some “layman's” terms information about the common types of medicines used for pain management.

Please click below for more details-

Medicines for Pain