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Setting targets helps us to achieve something realistic. A target is something that will push you a little but is achievable, just remember little steps.                                   

When setting targets for yourself it is good to think about something that pain has stopped you from doing or you have to do regularly that causes you an increase in pain. Remember to be realistic about the targets you set yourself.                                     Your first steps will be short term targets which will lead you to a long term target, so don’t expect miracles at the beginning.

When setting your targets try to be SMARTER!!!


Be specific about what you want to achieve, have a clear end point.

E.G. I will iron 10 items of clothing or I will walk for 10 minutes.


Ensure that you can measure your target, so you know what you have achieved allowing you to increase the target slowly.


Ensure that the target is an achievement for you, initially it is important that you are motivated to the target and it will feel an achievement for you.


Be realistic when setting your target, if you set your target too low then it will not give you a sense of achievement and if you set it too high then you will not feel the benefit of pacing.


Set realistic time limits for yourself for both long and short term targets and remember these are not “set in stone” and can be changed!


When you have completed your target, sit back and reflect on how it went- What went well, what worked and if you would change anything next time.


Changing behaviour is something that takes hard work and determination. When you have completed your task, reward and congratulate yourself.