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Ainsdale PM Group.



Southport shop mobility. 23-25 Scarisbrick Avenue. PR8 1NW

New website from Cardiff University

Ainsdale Centre for health and Wellbeing  01704 387130

Southport Centre for Health and Wellbeing 01704 385101

PALS (Patient and Liaison Service) Any concerns about your treatment? Or just a query? PALS are here to help- free phone 0800 218 2333

Different Strokes A superb website for stroke survivors up to the age of 65

Free Cinema entry (well not quite) but this card will allow you to take a carer with you for free! The Card costs £5.50 per year for unlimited use.

Sweet indulgences Local stockists of old fashioned sweets. 44 Station Road Ainsdale Telephone 01704 570416

Martin’s Money Tips- A wealth of money saving ideas.


Radar Key- this magical oversized key will allow you to use many public toilets within the uk when they may otherwise be locked.The National Key Scheme offers disabled people independent access to around 7,000 locked public toilets around the country.

The Radar organisation also provides a wealth of information for the disabled.

Direct Enquiries, The Nationwide Access Register, was developed in partnership with RADAR and the Employers’ Forum on Disability to provide people with information about disabled access in buildings and premises all across the UK. The register has expanded since its creation to include additional information for parents such as pushchair access. Direct Enquiries works with all the organisations registered, these companies provide Direct Enquiries with comprehensive information

about their disabled access and facilities.

NHS direct Health advice and local services 24 hours a day. Phone number  0845 46 47

Queenscourt Hospice

Swine Flu,  General information about swine flu, call the information line on

0800 1 513 513 or go to

Warm Front Scheme - may offer you a FREE home insulation package!

Tel. number 0800 316 2805

Winter fuel payments  Tel. Number 0845 915 15 15

Heating rebate scheme  Tel. Number 0800 316 6012

The Home Heat Helpline  Tel. Number 0800 33 66 99

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

24 Wright St, Southport 01704 531456

11 Duke St, Formby 01704 875078

Benefits Advice line (Sefton)  0151 934 3660  

Royal British Legion – to help families of ex-servicemen and women

Whitehouse Lane, Formby 01704 877477

The Samaritans

32 Union St, Southport 01704 538038

Alder Centre

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital 0151 252 5391

Listening Ear counselling


Click here for Helplines you can call at any time if you feel very low.

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